Meet Us



Owner of NJ Adventure Bootcamp, Peapack, NJ and co-owner of Art of Strength, Warren, NJ.



I am the proud Mom of a 19 year old College Student and an eight year old Shiba Inu! I grew up a Jersey Girl and lived in Pa for the past 13 years. I worked in PA as an Elementary Substitute School Teacher for over 11 years along with dog sitting for my friends and family. I possess all the stringent background checks required by the PA State Department of Education. I recently returned to my home state where along with my sister, Valerie,  we continue to work together in our life-long love of dogs.  My son and my Shiba dog Dahlila are the absolute joy of my life!



I grew up with my Mom always dog sitting in our home. I never wanted the dogs to leave! When I was 6 years old, my very own first dog, Darla, instantly became my best friend.  And when I was 12 and first saw Dahlila, our Shiba Inu, I immediately knew she had to join our family! The summer before I headed off to college my Mom and I shared the wonderful experience of spending the summer volunteering together at AWSOM our local dog shelter in PA. Both my dogs Darla and Dahlila drove with me to my first day of college in WV. I am a third year college student majoring in English and Computer Technology. And I enjoy spending as much time as possible with my dog Dahlila, the sweetest Shiba Inu ever!